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Wildwood Farms

Wellsburg and Holland, Iowa

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Roasted Nuts: Seven delicious varieties:

                         $4.00/ small   $7.00/Large

Soup Mixes:

$4.50 Each

Bavarian Pretzels:  These pretzels have a crunchy crust and are tender on the inside. Available with Salt, Cheese or Cinnamon Sugar topping.  

$1.50 each

Pretzel Rolls:  Great for burgers or sandwiches.

$5 / 4-pack

Bread and Muffin Mixes:

$4.00 each

Cocoa Mixes: Smooth and creamy, in three varieties:

$4.00 each

Granola Bars: Our bars have been a favorite at the farmers’ market.  They come in three flavors:

$5 / 4 bars

Many other tasty treats are available by special order!

Pancake and Brownie Mixes:

$4.50 each

Trail Mix:

$4.00 each